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First Aid Training in Kent, Essex, London & Cambridgeshire

  • What is the minimum number of learners you can train ?

    We can offer training with a minimum of 3 people in a session. 

  • What is the maximum number of learners per session

    The First Aid Industry body caps us at 12 for First Aid Courses unless two trainers are present then we can take up to 24. 

    Some health and safety courses allow up to 15 such as Safeguarding & Fire Marshalling however we find groups of 4 to 12 works best. 

  • Are the Certificates accredited & for how long ?

    We are accredited by The First Aid Industry Body  however on occasion we also use Nuco Trainers & run courses accredited via Nuco. 

    We also use qualified Fire Safety trainers who will do the certificates for us on our behalf using their accreditations. 

  • Why do you not show prices on your website ?

    We base our prices on an individual case analysis for each client. We do not believe in a one price fits all. 


  • What does your pricing include ?

    Highly qualified & experinced trainers

    All equipment where required


    Accredited Certificate (if passed)

    Refreshments if using our venue /s

    Certificate Expiry reminder service

    Swift branded pen. 

  • Which areas do you cover ?

    We can cover all of England, however we predominately focus on South East London, East of England & Central England. 

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