Conducting Thorough Fire Risk Assessments in Essex & Beyond

For essential fire safety advice and comprehensive fire risk assessments, turn to Swift First Aid Training Ltd. Covering Essex & beyond, our company draws upon more than 20 years of experience to deliver impeccable results to every client.

You Are Responsible

Ask yourself: has your business ever had a fire risk assessment? Are you fully aware of the current fire safety legislation? The Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order states that your business must employ a competent person to carry out fire risk assessments at your place of work. A fire management plan must also be prepared.

Thorough Assessments

Swift First Aid Training Ltd skillfully carries out fire risk assessments at your place of work. Qualified and professional, our team is happy to assist by answering any queries or concerns your staff may have regarding fire safety, or any  other health and safety questions. 

Available Courses

We provide extensive fire safety training in order to make your staff members aware of the potential risks inherent to the workplace. We also train staff in:

  • How to Safely Evacuate the Building
  • The Basic Use of Fire Safety Equipment
  • Monthly and Weekly Inspections for Fire Wardens
  • Different Fire Classifications
  • How to Select the Correct Extinguisher
  • Evacuation Chair Training

On-Site Courses

The training and advice we offer is delivered on-site. This ensures that our courses are specifically tailored to the idiosyncrasies of your premises, with particular regard to fire safety procedures and plans.

Contact us today, to learn more about the fire risk assessments and fire safety advice we provide.